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  August 16, 2018  
MultiColor Menu
Dual Horizontal
Dual Vertical
Skin Pack L002
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Dnn Skin TickMultiColor Functionality - menu items are colorized according to the skins applied to the corresponding pages
Dnn Skin TickMono Color Menu is displayed when only one color skin applied or Mono Color mode is set
Dnn Skin TickHorizontal and Vertical Menus
Dnn Skin TickDual Horizontal Menu dynamically displays sublevel on root menu mouse over
Dnn Skin TickDual Horizontal-Vertical Menu
Dnn Skin TickUnlimited Level Navigation Depth
Dnn Skin TickW3C Standard - XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS level 2.1Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional - Click to Test DNN Skin Valid CSS 2.1 - Click to Test DNN Skin
This is L002 MultiColor Menu demo page.
Browse the Menu to see the functionality and Menu options.
The DNN skin applied to the page is L002 DimGray H Framed Silver.